Customer Support

Typically aircraft owners/ operators would fly their aircraft to the AMO/ AME and have their maintenance carried out. We at A.M.S. believe that as the customer, you should have say in where your maintenance takes place. The new trend is that most aircraft owners either rent or own a hangar. If you have or rent a hangar we will come and assess your building to see if we can perform maintenance from site. We believe this allows for greater flexibility for the owner and mitigates costs associated with having to move your    aircraft unnecessarily for maintenance activities. A.M.S. also believes that this provides our customers with transparency to see the work being performed on their aircraft. If you do not have space or the rental         facility cannot accommodate maintenance activities, we have space available in St. Andrews. We are     currently working with other companies to have space available in Gimli, Brandon, Winnipeg,               Steinbach, and Morris should your aircraft be based out of or within close proximity to one of these areas.