20140818_141204 Welcome 

Aircraft Maintenance Solutions INC. (A.M.S.) is a Winnipeg based company formed in 2014. Our promise is to provide professional experienced maintenance personnel with the versatility to meet customers’ needs while adhering to a  quality product without compromise.

A.M.S. currently has hangar space available in St. Andrews, Manitoba to meet fly in customers needs. In  addition to St. Andrews we have optional availability in Winnipeg, and will travel to customers locations to meet their specific maintenance requirements.

A.M.S. is currently performing annuals for private owners and providing subcontract maintenance for larger companies. A.M.S. is currently applying for its own A.M.O. so that we can better tailor ourselves to meet clients needs.

Our current capabilities are privately operated aircraft in the M1 (MTOW 5,700 Kg and non jet) category, specifically Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Grumman, Lake Aircraft, Diamond Aircraft and Cirrus. Once we have received our A.M.O. we will then pursue commercial operators.

The recent acquisition of Dan Bourgouin to our staff, provides us with a well balanced understanding of meeting TAT while adhering to the standards of airworthiness. Mr. Bourgouin has 18 years in the aviation industry and experience ranging from single engine Cessna to Airbus A-320. Additionally he has held titles  such as, Production Team Leader, managing a crew of 70 employees at Air Canada, to his latest position as D.O.M./P.R.M. at his previous employer.

The goal for A.M.S. is to have an A.M.O. that exceeds customers expectations, with a web based booking system that allows current and potential customers to view our schedule. We believe that this transparency not only proves that we listen to what our customers needs are, but allows them to have a better control of when they send their aircraft for maintenance according to their schedule.

At A.M.S. we committed to customer satisfaction with, detailed billing, meeting TAT, and providing a high quality service. Our commitment to responding to customer needs and expectations sets us apart.