Starfighter Museum in St. Andrews

This issue is focusing on a gem that we have right at St. Andrews airport. AMS would like to bring the       Canadian Starfighter Museum into this months spotlight. The museum is right on the airfield and is        privately run by Steve Pajot and Russ Johnson. The museum has had many volunteers since its conception, but these two gentlemen represent the heart and soul of it. We at AMS went down to the museum to see for ourselves what its all about, and were completely amazed. Our post does not even begin to scratch the     surface of the Starfighter history. The aircraft at the hangar is the third off the production line ( quiet an astounding feat in itself). This aircraft is a milestone in Canadian aviation history and the story deserves to be told. We would highly encourage visiting the museum ,website and implore you to donate to a worthy cause.starfighterMuseum